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Founded in 2010, macathconf.org is one of the premier online sites to gain information about myriad Catholic places, religious shrines and summer camps in Massachusetts, US.

My site has become the website of choice for thousands of Catholics living in the US, especially in the Massachusetts State. If anyone wants to know about the grandeur of Catholic Churches or how Catholicism sowed its seeds in Massachusetts or what sermons did Pope Francis made he or she can visit my personal website.


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Must See Churches in Area

Cathedral of the Holy Cross

St. Anthony of Padua Church

Trinity Church

St Leonard of Port Maurice

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  1. Accurate information, based on the most reliable sources available about church sites and their religious significance.
  2. Extensive and well-researched articles and blogs on Catholic churches and summer camps in Massachusetts.
  3. Detailed discussion on the significance of family, while giving emphasis to lectures by Pope Francis on this subject.
  4. View religious facts and history about each church through interactive blogs which provides visitors to contrast, compare and explore each individual church in an entirely innovative way.
  5. Participate in a global discussion about faith and Catholicism through comment and interactive forums.
  6. Detailed analysis about the Catholic camps that are operating in beautiful Massachusetts.
  7. Compare and contrast when selecting camps for your kids.

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