Tucked between the high-rises and backwoods, the Catholic shrines in Massachusetts are an object of marvel. Where one embraces the mighty planes that roam around the Boston sky, another is famous for holding the largest rosary in the world.

New England’s Roman Catholic shrines are globally famous. People from far and near come to visit these spectacular religious pilgrimage spots.

Below I have written down what I consider to be the best examples of religious architecture to celebrate our Christian heritage:

Boston’s Glorious Trinity Church.

1. Trinity Church, Boston
Splendid, glorious and intriguing! The Trinity Church in Boston is rated as one of the most beautiful churches in Massachusetts. To witness true American Romanesque architecture, walk through the magnificent doors of this 18th century church. The exterior is quite similar to other European churches with stone-crafted biblical figures resting on the façade. However, the interior is quite different from its counterparts; colossal murals, flawless wood craftsmanship, stained glass windows, towering ceilings and ornate walls look extremely enchanting. The artwork throughout the church is worthy of appreciation. The details are minute and the labor invested in it shows extremely fruitful results. To sum up in a few words, the overall experience of Trinity Church is simply breath-taking!

2. Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston –
To see a gorgeous building, built in a typical European style in the South end of Boston, come to the Cathedral of Holy Cross . Intriguing architecture, gorgeous stained glass and old antique pews, make this Catholic church one of its kind. The Mass here is a wonderful experience. And if you are a non-Catholic, you are welcome to join the community hereand enjoy some new experiences, which may further shape your life. The use of incense during the traditional Mass creates an amazing ambience.

St. Anthony of Padua Church in New Bedford.

3. St. Anthony of Padua Church, New Bedford –
Founded as early as 1895, to serve French Canadian Catholics, St. Anthony of Padua boasts of a 256 feet long spire, which is the third tallest in the whole of New England. The exterior is composed of red sandstone, brought from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Rooted with traditionalism and ancient architecture, this enthralling church is a must-see attraction for any who come to visit Massachusetts. After entering the church, you will find myriad decorative artworks by notable Italian sculptor, John Castagnoli. One of his most wonderful creations was the sculpture of 32 huge angel statues, all of which are 20 feet tall. You will find them anywhere and everywhere throughout the church. Another attraction of St. Anthony of Padua is its huge stained glass windows. These ceiling-high windows are majestic and radiate out absolute beauty and sheer awe.

4. St Leonard of Port Maurice, Boston
If you have visited Rome then you will find St Leonard of Port Maurice is no different from Santiago de Compostela! Peaceful and tranquil, this Catholic Church in Massachusetts houses a garden of peace. Founded in 1873, St Leonard is the very first Roman Catholic Church built in New England by some of the Italian immigrants. This church is immensely famous for its shrine to Saint Anthonye that is seated in the basement of the church. According to legend, this is the oldest shrine dedicated to the famous saint in Boston. For a subtle tranquil experience, visitors can walk by the gorgeous Peace Garden, which is just beside the church and it offers a safe haven for those who want to take some timeout from the hustle and bustle of Boston city. Weekday and weekend masses are held frequently, in English and Italian, both.

5. St Brigid Parish, Boston – 
Though it is a comparitively small and cozy church, St Brigid Parish is widely popular among Roman Catholics in Boston, perhaps for that reason. With tall vaulted ceilings, the church echoes a certain aura of traditionalism mixed with a dash of modernism. The priests are friendly and funny. From the outside, you will feel the church is tiny and looks more like a cottage. But once you enter, you will find a gorgeous altar against long stained glass windows. A certain kind of homely ambience can be expected here. So a quick visit to this small yet beautiful church in Boston is simply indispensable.

With a deep commitment to Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Churches in Massachusetts have grown as a community altogether! Attend mass, or just come to take a tour around to satisfy your soul.