Massachusetts boasts of more than 100 interesting churches, ranging from the state university’s chapels to daunting Roman Catholic churches and shrines. With such a wide array of chapels, it is no wonder that Massachusetts houses an endless list of interesting Catholic churches.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting ones:

The Simple Yet Stunning St. Mark’s Parish.

1. St Mark’s Parish –
Wooden ornate craftsmanship, simple yet stunning chandeliers and a picturesque altar makes St Mark’s Parish a wonderful Catholic Church in the heart of Massachusetts. Throughout the year, numerous events and masses takes place here related to the local community. Being one of the oldest buildings, dating back 100 years, St Mark’s Parish has become a landmark in itself. Owing to its spacious interiors, you can easily book it to host a traditional Catholic wedding. The aisles and pews are quite comfortable and can house a decent number of people. The best thing about this church is its old-world charm and a rustic flavor.

2. St Stephen’s Catholic Church –
Being a typical Roman Catholic church, St Stephen’s radiates out traditional elements and a not-so-fancy décor. Many visitors who catch a glimpse of this building for the first time, find it resembles the popular Old North Church, which was brought into the limelight by Paul Revere. Also known as New North Church, St Stephen’s is beautiful and looks very traditional. Anyone who enters this church will surely lose track of time. With medieval architectural elements and a slight grandiosity, St. Stephen’s Church may first feel daunting to its ardent visitors.

“Distinctive and sparkles with many traditional elements.”

3. Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage – 
Captivating and beautiful, the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage is somewhat of a landmark. In size, it is a bit smaller compared to some of the other more substantially sized monuments to the Catholic faith, but this makes it perfect to host weddings and other more intimate events. Being an ancient church, the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage is distinctive and sparkles with many traditional elements. The stained glass in the chapel is gorgeous and inundated with many details. Also each window boasts of a nautical motif, which is quite resplendent. On closer inspection, you may also find some stunning model ships and steering wheels from old boats. Also, don’t forget to walk by the lovely garden adjoining the chapel. It is full of trees and long beautiful grasses.

4. St Ignatius Church – 
If you are looking for a friendly church in the quaint neighborhood of Washington T stop, visit the beautiful church of St Ignatius. During the mass gatherings, the church looks gorgeous with decorative patterns and bright fragrant flowers. The overall ambience is friendly and homely. The community comprises of young couples and adults, and the crowd is vibrant. Though the church
is small,the interior is welcoming. By perfectly amalgamating new and old elements, St Ignatius Church is apt for all age groups.

Visit these magnificent churches in Massachusetts while you are here!