Any visitor who professes to be Catholic will be spoiled of choice upon the places to visit once we set our foot in the state of Massachusetts. We offer a diverse range of Catholic shrines, churches, chapels, landmarks spread out all over that reminds us of the deep roots of the Catholic faith in our state. As a visitor, I would not like you to be confused about where to go, instead, I offer you some fascinating ten places to visit and have an unforgettable religious experience.

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  1. Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The church was established in 1870 and located in the Mission Hill neighborhood in Boston. It attained the Basilica status in 1954. I liked its modern architecture such as the interior paintings and design.

  1. Old North Church

Formed in 1772, the famed church made a great impact during the first battle of the American Revolution. Notably, Paul Revere was at one point the church’s bell ringer.

  1. St. Leonard’s Church, Boston

The church was the first founded in 1873 by Italians. I saw the architectural design such as the painting was drawn from Italian artistry.

  1. Our Lady of Loreto Shrine

The shrine also draws influences from Italy, particularly the Holy House in Loreto, Italy. A great site to enjoy our quiet and deep meditations combined with beautiful scenery.

  1.  National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Stockbridge

When I visited the shrine I was amazed by images of Jesus and on top of it will I also saw Mary mother of Christ white Carrara marble statue. The construction of the shrine ended in 1960 and was declared a National Shrine in 1996. Visitors can attend the daily Mass and confession. The shrine has attracted thousands of pilgrims globally.

  1. Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

The shrine famous for having the world’s largest rosary was founded in 1950 by Xaverian Missionaries. Located in New England, the shrine has Our Lady apparitions that were present in Fatima, Portugal during the early 20th century.

  1. The Madonna Queen Shrine

The 35-foot-high statue is a conspicuous landmark in Boston that I easily catch sight of once I enter the Logan International Airport. The huge monument was built in honor of Don Orione in 1954 and features the statue of Mary.

  1. La Salette Shrine

The popular 240-acre shrine hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors during Christmas who come see its flourishing flower gardens, Holy Stairs, and Stations of the Cross. It was founded in 1953 to honor Mary’s apparition present in Lasette, France during the late 19th century.

  1. Cathedral of the Holy Cross, South End

New England’s largest Catholic Church was established in 1875. We are struck by its architectural beauty which draws influences from the Gothic Revival style. 

  1. Old South Church, Boston

Another church designed in the Gothic Revival style in 1873.The church has one of the oldest religious congregations in the US which originally gathered in 1669. It was declared in 1970 a National Historic Landmark.

In my opinion, I feel that as a visitor new to Massachusetts going through all these holy places makes you have a deeper appreciation of our solemn Catholic faith. I enjoyed discussing my faith with others whom I met while visiting these sites. I would also recommend visit here to know even more outstanding Catholic sites to visit in Boston.