Lenten activities for children are crucial to keep the flame of their Faith lit and burning. A new year is upon us all and the Lenten activities for this 2019 are varied and amazing. We are going to go through the most interesting ones dividing each grade as we go on. Read on and find out which are the best Lenten activities for 2019 in the grade you want to apply them to.

Youngest Catholics: Grades 1-2

These are the suggested Lenten activities for our younger believers:

  • Love Links – This is the best way to make the youngest ones understand the concept of love for their Catholic brothers and sisters. Create a chain for them and for every meaningful action of love or genuine help to others add a link to their chain. They can decorate them and have fun while learning to love each other.
  • Brainstorming For Promises – Gather your children in a group, form them in a circle on the floor and encourage brainstorming on the topic “how to be more like Jesus”. Write them on the board and then have them vote to pick the top 3. They should turn those winning ideas into posters and take them home as a daily reminder.
  • Coaching Them On How To Pray – Teach children that they need to praise the Lord every time they pray. Understanding the value of a prayer not just as a way of asking the Almighty what they need is crucial at this young age. Don´t let your opportunity to help them go away!

Moving On: Grades 3-4

If grades 1-2 were encouraging for them, by the time they reach grades 3-4, they should be open to these teachings.

  • Pray The Rosary With Them – The first thing you need to do is to distribute a Holy Rosary to each child in the class. Teach them how to pray an entire Rosary and get help from the Sorrowful Mysteries to make it better and more interesting.
  • Celebrate The Reconciliation – The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a huge one, especially in these days of violence and selfishness. You can take the example of Jesus and get them ready to receive Easter. You can also use Pope Francis words and emphasize the value of reconciliation within the family nucleum.
  • Coaching For Praying – The second version of this coaching doesn´t involve teaching them how to pray but to direct their efforts the right direction.

Going Further With Faith: Grades 5-6

In these grades activities turn more interesting because children reception is much better due to their developed understanding.

  • Jesus Journey Illustrations – For this task you need to give them the supplies you want them to work with. The objective will be to illustrate Jesus overcoming temptation during his journey through the desert. Once they are done with it, you can ask some volunteers to take the front of the room and show their work to the rest. It is a great way to share their artistic impulses and also get inspired by Jesus Journey.
  • The To-Do List For Lenten – The title of the task is “How to get closer to God during Lenten” With that in mind, instruct children to make a list of tasks with bullets in a big surface they can take home, share with their family and hang it in a visible place to follow the plan. They should be crossing out the ones they have accomplished and then take the crossed-out list back to class at the end of the Lenten period.
  • Level 2 Praying Coaching – This effort should be focused on the Holy Spirit and developing the concept of it being present everywhere all the time. Let them know they can count on it always.

Girls Who Lie – The School of Manners

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We have gone through the most crucial activities for the most crucial moments of children education. You can take the mold and create your own for grades 7 and 8. Let me know in the comment if you tried them, if they worked and which are the new ones you came up with. May the Lenten be a period of understanding, love and comprehension this year. Let´s make our children a part of it with these simple tasks.