When summer is near, it is just the right time for your kids to attend camps and start exploring new opportunities. Christian summer camps are crucial for kids and teenagers to attend as they get to learn important social skills, create long lasting memories, and deepen their faith in Christ. Apart from paid camps, there are a few who provide free summer experiences to kids and youths from low-income communities. The organizers work to provide support to students through mentoring, leadership programs and tutoring. If you are willing to provide an unforgettable summer experience to your kids, start looking for a Catholic camp for your kids now. Listed below are two of them:

Catholic Charities

For over 100 years, Catholic Charities has been successfully continuing with its mission of creating a compassionate society. Being one of the biggest social service providers in Massachusetts, this organization offers approximately 90 programs. They offer their services in 27 different locations around Eastern Massachusetts, ranging from Brockton, Boston, and Lawrence to Natick. This non-profit organization assists both kids and youths to shape their lives properly. They arrange camps to show commitment to society by supporting participants’ health, wellness, leadership development and education.

Youths, especially, often face gang violence and many other complex issues. With the help of these camps, the organization tries to address these issues with a rational perspective.  They design mentoring and tutoring programs, helping students to create positive self-esteem, promote ability to make choices in life and encourage school attachment

Assists a Camper to Grow in Faith.

Camps Bernadette & Fatima

Their Catholic faith is the key to their camping philosophy, permeating all aspects of their daily life. The organization offers so many voluntary activities throughout the session in order to assist a camper to grow in faith. For kids, both boys and girls, Camps Bernadette & Fatima arrange for great outdoor activities, including archery, rock climbing, canoeing and fishing. Camp life is designed to develop a sense of attachment among its attendees. The camps are managed by positive and extremely energetic counselors. Arts and crafts activities are also organized to spark ideas and creativity, and youngsters get a chance to make new friends for life.

The camp for girls is organized on Lake Wentworth that is about twenty miles of White Mountains in New Hampshire. On the other hand, the camp for boys is held on Upper Suncook Lake, from where you are just a half-hour drive from the girl’s camp.

Even though the two camps are situated in different places, they function as one. In fact, the girls and boys are often brought together for events to exchange resources for expanding activities.

You can consider contacting any of them to see for yourself. If you are wondering if parents are allowed to be there or not, you will want to check this with them. Usually, kids are kept under careful guidance of counselors who help them learn to be self-sufficient. However, selecting a camp can be quite a daunting task, particularly when you are looking for the one that offers fun as well as focusing on the foundations of the Catholic faith.